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Homemade Soup of the day served with a warm, soft bread roll & butter £3.95

Chicken goujons with sweet chilli dip & fresh garden salad £5.95

Farm house pate served with a side of fresh garden salad, fruity chutney and toast and butter £5.25

Black pudding served with a warm creamy peppercorn sauce & garlic bread £5.50

Garlic bread topped with homemade garlic butter, served with or without cheese (cheddar or stilton) with salad £4.25 (v)

Breaded Scampi served with a side of fresh garden salad and dressing with a pot os tartar sauce and lemon £5.95

Creamy mushrooms cooked in garlic & stilton sauce served with a side of homemade garlic bread £5.95 (V)

Bruschetta topped with vine ripened tomatoes, red onions and sweet peepers with balsamic glaze & olive oil £4.25 (V)

King prawn & wild Alaskan salmon cocktail

served on a bed of salad leaves, drizzled with our chef's own spicy herbs, seafood sauce, sided with a soft bread roll and butter £5.95

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